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ii lurbB uu♥ Dec 30, 2008' 10:33 PM

ellos ellos~~♥ today as usual woke up at 3:45, pretty late. watch some of bbt . iit so hilarious.Especially 李铨=LiQuan and the 多多=DuoDuo and 翰奖=Han Jiang . hahas So Funny becos 李铨= LiQuan was liink iin FanFan Jie's house de toilet doiing stuff(small) and 小桀 when tuu open the toilet and 李铨 standing therr ... but 小桀=Xiao Jie very naughty, when he close the door and wait a while ...小桀 open the door agaim . he did iit a few tiime oso ...
moving on, 多多 and 翰奖 feet is so STINKO!! hahas. tat the part wherr both of them is so HILARIOUS. but today ii diid nort watch myiie KIIBA KIIBA ...sobbx... afta watching myiie bbt ii kept ediitiign myiie piic at photobucket. but at the same tiime ii diid watch campus shrewd and Lil Nyonya.
[Quote:how ii wiish tuu be JIANG XIAO HUA.]

ii guess ii`ll stop here !


P.S. and heres sum photo of myyiie best bud. and sum random photo ii took.

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ ' 12:16 AM

ellos ellos~~♥ hahas,[o29/12] todayy up at 2:1o !! same stuff as the past 2 dayys. clean upp & swiitch on comp. today when tuu check myy hp and therr was a sms sayy tat next week 5th of Jan 2oo9 skuu reopen... [ Quote:haiis 1 mnth of holiiday past so quickly! ] é sms oso stated we will be learining a new lesson/chapter etc... ohh well.. lookiing forward for iit ... hmm, uu tell miie? kekes
moving on, ii diid watch my kiiba kiiba watch quite alot of episode. and ii watch Channel[V]'s V power concert. very niice.. ii love the part where the new meber of bbt boiis dance the opening of mou fan bang bang tang. [Quote: sad , but nw yiiu zi(coconut) nort iin é show any more.]
actually todayy diid quite lil stuff oso.
so ii guess ii will stop herr now.

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Dec 29, 2008' 12:14 AM

ellos ellos ~~♥ todayy woke up at 2:55, clean up and iit was liike 3:10 swiitch on é tvee tuu watch braiin juiice[backyard science and planet cook.] iit liike ii watch tvee from 3:30-5pm.hahas, as usual afta watching tvee ii putted away tuu swiitch myyiie comp. on. was using tagged for quite sum tiime cos was sendiing superpokes tuu elon... kekes.. today at hme whole dayy agaiin .. haiis .. siian ...
eewyyerr... ii wann go watch bedtiime storiies ... the traiiler seem tuu be interestiing[interesting iin Japanese is omoshiro:o-mo-shi-ro]. hahahs... who is interested? hmm...todayy didnt really do much tiing ... myiie Kiiba onlii watch 2 episode todayy... sadd[sadd iin Japanese iis kanashii: ka-na-shii] hahas . WeeTs~~ 10 more mins tuu 12 am. then can watch myiie bbt lerr !!
so farr... tat all ii gort too wriite and ii cant waiit for campus Shrewd at 7 pm later!!

ByeeByee [byee byee iin Japanese iis Ja Nai:Ja-Nei]

P.S : 2 more Dayys till a New year BEGINS.
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Dec 28, 2008' 12:23 AM

yuu~~huu~~♥ kekes... tiish myiie 2nd official post for the Dayy!! Woke upp at 2:3o in é aftanoon XD cos slpt at 4 in é morning heehees,str8 away swiitch on myiie comp. and when tuu wash upp and when bck str8 tuu the comp.Skiip Lunch jus tuu watch PiLi MIT o8 Muahahahahs! but waiting for iit tuu Load, ii watch sum kiind of Japan version of power Ranger!! >.<" iit Nort Mask Rider ii`m sure of iit , maybe iit kamen rider ii guess!Watch tat Progamme frm 4-5 pm. but anyy wayy iit Kill myiie tiime while waiting.+ by then my Loadiing was done. moving On ii watch KIBA o25.[ Really niice Anime. Do watch iit iif uur bored] so iit Liike ii watch Kiba until 8pm , when tuu Fixed myiieself Dinner. Continued watch kiba until 12:15am around therr=D... and now iim postiing nw!! afta posting i`m gonna continue watching bbt season 1. i've Re-Watch Bbt as ii didnt watch the early episode of season 1. Weets~~ get tuu watch bbt boiis ^.^
anyy wayy Stoppiing herR .. tat aLL ~~♥

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ ' 12:07 AM

wooHuu~~ Fiinally-ed fiiniished settiing Up myiie blog layouts etc...=X hadd sum trouble wiit iit the past few dayys.. and now iit DONE... Darn .. SO HAPPY!! But iim stiiLL habbing sum trouble doh.. well, dunn matter.. at least the rest iis sorta readyy for show.. ii gort a feeliing tat no ones know abt tiish blog yet... Hahas... WeLL ii dunn plan on telliing oso.. kekes... Let them fiind ourt on thier own ...

weLL tiish iis my 1st official post on how ii build up tiish blog ii`ll post another 1 iin a min tiime abt my daiiLy Liife ... etc...

anyy wayy,
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Dec 27, 2008' 2:35 AM

TesT TesT 123!!

Yea.. Yea... ii know tiiSh iiSh Lame !!
But WarT can ii DO ii NooB at BS... LoLx =X

So Tiish myiie 1st Post on BS!!
Gonna Stop HeRr...

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

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