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ii lurbB uu♥ Jan 29, 2009' 5:32 AM

so wart? iit been 5 dayy siince ii reposted? kekes. diidnt post cos iit cny AND myy cny SUCK biig tiime. so anyy way, ii`ll tok abt yesterday.

ohayo gozaiimasu~~♫

yesterday, woke up at 8:15am and prepared tuu go tuu skuu and doc, Doc say, iit allegy tiingy, so cannort eat seafood, nuts and stuff ii dunno. ok no problemo! ii dunn really eat those stuff so yea..XD kekes.
moviing on, ii was liike iin skuu for abt an hr but iit seem 2 pr 3 hr tuu miie hahahs.iif ii knew iit was for an hour ii wudnt come tuu skuu... liike walter. BASTARD. neber go skuu. Afta skuu went tuu dhoby wiit the regulars. and watched a moviie. iit called: THE WEDDING GAME

starring: Fann wong , christopher lee & Chen jian zhou [陳建州/ 黑人] .

the story plot iis Abt 2 celeb. tryiing tuu make a rumour abt both of them iis iin love. then more rumour they have the more $$ come iin ... and chen jian zhou iis fann wong agent.
but anyy wayy in the end theyy diid fall iin love and all.

hmm... ii will stop herr nw as ii forgotten wart ii diid already.
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Jan 22, 2009' 10:30 PM

heyhey~~♫ todayy woke up at 10am. use the com for awhile then when iit liike 11:15am when tuu bathe, afta bathe yong zhii call miie telling miee today and tmr no skuu. [Quote: ii was liike WART!! NO SKUU~~ Woo Huu~~♥ ] suppose-ing-ly ii was abot tuu go skuu. tuu meet yong zhi and boon peng at clementi mrt at 1pm. so anyy .. change of plans. when tuu city hall tuu meet both of them including fariic and nikki. we all when tuu marina square tuu watch a movie, we watch ink heart. guess wart ! the story one Thousand and a night! Farid iis SO CUTEE!! ii so RECCOMENED tiish show. INKHEART!! feel liike watchiing iit again! kekes.
anyy wayy , afta movie when tuu arcade tuu play para2. kekes. then rafie came. so iit liike , rafie , nikki , boon peng and yong zhi played pool. then slowly slowly one of them left. but boon peng came bck afta tat . he wen hme tuu eat dinner ... so guaii horr.. kekes. he came bck becos he wanna look for job. then abt 7:40 pm we left .. mie and faric when tuu yiishun tuu look for piing then boong peng when tuu meet hiis frend at city hall mrt station.

so tat iis how ii end myiie day.



P.S. AHH!! kame chan new j-dorama iis out!! *HIGH*
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Jan 20, 2009' 9:22 PM

hmm... todayy wake upp at 7:15 ... prepare then leave for skuu. diiao lorr, suppose-ing-ly class start at 9am but dunno whyy change tuu 10. hmm.. then finish siir lgnatiius class around 1pm, then jon2 call siir jiim and he saiid class change tuu tmr, 11 am.[Quote: 0mg! ii almost cough out BLOOD!, ps ii watching bbt! anyy wayy ii was liike DAMN, ii wann go bunk wiit yang and aLwiin! ROAR..] so anyy wayy ii wen tuu walk walk wiit them.. [Quote: sryy ii cant named uu.. hon tou ne sumemasen deshita!] iit liike frm 2+ walk walk untill 5pm. then go hme. ehh, nono... iis go meet upp wit piing - Chan! hahas afta tat she accompany miie and myiie parent tuu eat dinner!
then go hme.

srry today`s post abiit short .


thx walter!!


happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ ' 9:20 PM




happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Jan 19, 2009' 8:03 PM

我在凌晨的 两三点半 睡不著觉 在等你答案
wo zai lin cheng liang san dian bian sui bu zhao jiao zai deng ni da an

别告诉我 你不告而别 就是给我 最後的答案
bie kao su wo ni bu kao er bie jiu shi gei wo jue hou de da an

你难道 忘了 我们 曾经 那麼 相爱 愉快
ni nan dao wang le wo me zhong jing xiang ai yu kuai

至少也 给个 原因 让我 死的痛快
zhi shao ye gei ge yuan yin rang wo shi de tong kuai

I don't know why 要分开
yao fen kai

你说的对了 我始终不明白
ni shou de dua le wo shi zhong bu ming bai

I don't know why 要离开
yao li kai

还真只剩下我 往回忆里栽
hai zhen zi shen xia wo wang hui yi li dai

bu zhi dao kai ze me qu kan kai

bu zhi dao kai ze me qu xiang kai

bu zhi dao kai ze me qu cheng ren

wo men zi jian bu zai ai

bu zhi dao kai ze me qu shi huai

bu zhi dao kai ze me qu kan dai

bu zhi dao kai ze me qu zhu fu

ni he ta de wei lai

for now!

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Jan 18, 2009' 10:08 PM

Maii found out she wants tuu be a eagLe, so she cud soar in the wind way upp hiigh.
wiit no boundaries,worries uu can go anyy wherr!

uu cud even
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Jan 17, 2009' 9:40 PM

eLLos eLLos~~♫tuu 7/11 tuu buyy TEENAGE, read tuu ther part wherr the horoscope arr!
when tuu read myiie horoscope and hiis.
iit was TAURUS iif ii`m nort wrong . sum of the tiing saiid therr make miie feel uncomfortable.

ii`ll type out wart iit say:

Life: your all for taking life by it horns, but this mnth , you do better if uu kiip uur cool.'' some one is determined tuuannoy uu.'' [Quote: ii hope iit Nort miie.] and iit wud hurt your laidbck reputation if uu decided to go head log wiith her/him! Stop and pay attention to the friend around uu. A level-heaeded classmate could be the one tuu save uu frm making the biggest mistake.

Love: why bother impressing some one who treats uu liike dirt on their cross country trainer? in spite of uur furious attempts tuu make them noticeuu, they`re simply nort interested! then again ,are uu making the mistake of passing over those around uu? "we tiink uu shoud give tat sweetie who`s been trying to catch uur eye a closer look !". [Quote: no feel good!]

i`ll stop here for nw!

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ ' 6:09 PM

heyy peeps!

Guess wart!!

ii REALISED Lurve guys wiit LONG fingernails and LONG fingers.

the nail must be cut/file iin tiish shape "("

but ii dunno whyy!! iit jus attract miie alot!

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Jan 16, 2009' 1:17 PM

15Jan 2oo9

konnichiwa~~♫ kekes.. haiis 2 dayys neber blogg lerr... herr ii am blogging nw but nort at hme but at PC bunk. siince ii member and ii can play iit for free. dunno whyy, yesterday jus now frm aLwiin.XD for the past 2 dayy all go dhoby and Lucky. but yesterday when tuu taka and wisma. ii wunn say more abt wed. cant rmb keke ... sorry; so blod abt yesterday! yesterday woke up at 6:50 as class start at 9 ii tiink .[Quote: wahh, now aday myiie stm very jia lat siia.but loving iit nehh..] kekes. yesterday finish skuu quite early but ii cant rmb wart tiime iit was. we when tuu wisma tuu top man , as raffie wanted tuu get a new tee!

suddenly we split up, yongzhi was wiith rafiie then nikki and faric was wiit miie. the 3 of us when tuu E spirit tuu see clothes, Damn ii saw a vest the ii liike man iit was liike DAMN EXPENSIVE guess how much iit cost? iit liike $89 buck ! $.$ then ii saw a few blouse nort bad larr.. but 1 cost $29.90, another cost $73 then lastly last one cost $39.90. but iit so niice! next to E spirit a shoe etc.. shop call aldo ii tiink .. ii saw 1 boots iit cos $ 215. iif ii were tuu buy the boots ii will so damn cry.afta tat rafiie called nikki and ask wherr we arr. afta tat we when dwn tuu top man again tuu see wart shirt rafiie wann buy. in the end he chose a red-orangish top. but.. sad case he cant buy iit. as tat outlet dunn accept iit.
next stop, taka. ii wanted tuu go taka tuu eat as they habb the omelette noodle thingy. sum japanese stuff.
iit yummy yummy iin my tummy tummy. afta tat rafiie g2g tuu meet hiis mum at tamp. so yongzhi followed hiim hme, so ii ,nikki and faric when on tuu dhoby tuu zoneX go play para2 and basket ball machine. niiki and ii playy bball untill siiao siiao... kekes.

moving on, when iit liike 8:3o we all left as nikki g2 be back home at 9pm. so yea...

16 Jan 2oo9

heyy heyy~~♥ today wake upp at 7am ii guess then dilly dally my tiime untill 8am, as myiie dad is fetchiing me tuu skuu today. tham had pe. finally seen our new pe teacher .didnt really liike wart we did on pe. gort tuu do pumping/ push upp.etc... afta skuu srt8 away when tuu dhoby/ pc bunk. as we didnt have tuu pay for iit. [ Quote: onlii bunk member has tiish previlegde. Cool riight! ii`m so loving iit.] but ii diid play para2 and bbal machine tuu. continue-ing on, around 8+ myiie com hang so ii watched aLwiin and yang play maple.hahas. iit was fun watching them play maple.Guess wart, ii saw another siide of alwin today.kekes.XP then abt 9:2opm ii left bunk .. as ii wanted tuu go hme tuu watch bbt, ii have nort been watching 4 episodes including today`s. ohh yea! diid uu ever know or hear even seen aLwiin scolding/saying vugarities?weLL ii diid/know and ii jus know iit today. LoL~~
moving on, while tiinking wart tuu type me now on mrt typing out on myiie fone as draft. hahas XD. anywayy ii`m gonny end myyie post herr.

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Jan 14, 2009' 10:10 PM

ellos ellos~~♫ didnt blogg yesterday cos ii was out and went tuu changii airport tuu fetch myiie dad hme frm shanghai. so iit liike b4 goiing tuu the airport i when dhoby tuu play para agaiin. then when fetch dad and reach hme was liike 1o++ goiing tuu 11. when tuu clean up and str8 away ko. Damn tired!! tat whyy neber blogg~~!!

moving on, woke up at 7:3o am . as class started at 9 am and dad fetchiing miie tuu skuu. reach skuu was 8:44 am. when up tuu class at 9am tuu 2o5. iit life skill today but siir jiim wanted us tuu continue our FBEC/FEBC project. dicussed till liike 11 am then had 1 hr of break, came bck tuu class ... and OMG~~ ii dunno whether true marr.. but ii gort a few eye contact wiith hiim... but dunno he looking at myiie wayy marr? kekes. then b4 1 pm siir let us off. today rafiie,yongzhi , faric, nikki and miie when tuu luckyy plaza tu play pool. and arcade tiingy. guess wart miie and niikkii and fariic when playy arcade 1st played a few games. then fariic when tuu play the coin game. he damn luckyy siia. he tio bonus 1 or 2 tiimes then gort alot of ticket. kekes XP. but nikki when bck tat tiime we played another coin game. abiit liike basket ball tiingy. guess wart . faric coin when iin tuu a basket tat say 75 tickets. but when the ticket came out iit felt liike therr were more then 75. but our grand total ticx was 331!! power riight.!!

hahas. afta tat we when tuu dhoby as nikki wanted tuu meet ben. we met yesterday at dhoby. thx tuu andyy and boon peng peng, both of them helped nikki tuu get number de. hahas.
another person wanted tuu meet nikki oso but in the end he neber trun up but saiid meet at city hall. then iit so DIIAO lorr... haiish dunn wann sayy abt iit lerr...

hmm.. gonna stop herr lerr... brain shut off lerr.. very tired.

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Jan 12, 2009' 9:40 PM

konnichi WA~~♫ herr ii am blogging agaiin as the past 2 dayys ii have nort been blogging becos, as alway myiie sat and sun are boring ... so dunn really wanna blogg abt iit!!
todayy skuu start again~~☺ guess wart ii`m late almost for skuu agaiin! so gotta take the cab.[ Quote: THX Q for yong zhi `s tel call. make miie wake upp.] really thx tuu hiim iif nort ii really really late lerr. ii broke myiie record lerr. iit liike frm 2oo8 until now ii neber take cab tuu skuu b4. nw iin 2oo9 ii took the cab tuu skuu 3 tiime lerr.. power riight... ii know THX Q thxq.
moving on, ii reach skuu liike 9am. then when tuu class teacher habben come in yet.. phew!! LUCKYY~~♥ so class go on until 1:3o then end of skuu. afta skuu set around canteen. as have nort decided wherr tuu go . but in the end we when viivo. iit been month since ii when viivo, meet nikki therr too. nikki didnt go tuu skuu as she has check up appointment/dental.
afta awhile we decided tuu watch IPMAN!!.
herr a picture of Ip man/ ye Wen:

tiish moviie iis quite niice but alot of voilent.. so iit liike half of the movie ii am liike sayiing " omg ~~ omg omg... omg~~" kekes the movie end abt 2hrs later... but iit felt liike 4 hrs . niice show...
afta tat we all went hme as nikki niided tuu leave.
heyy readers [ iif ii have any] ii gonna go nw . so sorry for the short post.
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Jan 9, 2009' 8:32 PM

ellos ellos~~♫ today woke up at 7:1oam then prepared tuu go tuu skuu.. as the was pe in the 1st lesson. ii liike reach therr at 8:2o then reach the skuu canteen, yang and the rest of them tat reached saiid the pe teacher wasnt therr... so we hang out of the in the canteen until 11 am till siir jiim lesson start.

moving on, class finished at 12 ++ nearly 1pm and boon peng, yongzhi, rafie, nikki and miie headed dwn tuu lucky plaza tuu play pool. reached therr liike 2 ++ , nikki and ii liike watched yong zhi , rafiie and boon peng playing pool , so ii and nikki decied tuu check out the acrade on the other side. nikki saw a machine called crystal fortune and iit cost $1 and iit liike TRUE... all 5 of us tried . and iit liike so true. Boon Peng one was liike ; one part is sayiing make sure uu listen tuu every advice tat mummys says!! funny riight.

anyy wayy tiish iis wart theyy say abt miie( ii feel iit true most of iit):
once uu fall iin love. nobody on earth can stop ii. your love grows day by day. but uu tend to lose interest quickly. ii`m nort much of a energy- conscious person when iit come tuu love.

(omg) ii lack of perserverance and are quick tuu get emotional. tat whyy uu argued abt the most trivial tings. tiish had even led tuu myiie break up.

ii`m now stuck in a stagnate state of love. inaction has gone on too long and there is a shadow cast over my love. your DEPRESSION will cos myy fortune tuu decline further. but do nort loose hope. My good intention will save miie form misfortune.

"despite my strong self confidence, the selfish aspect of my personality are surfacing. "( dunn tiink iit true) . you have honour for morality and virtue and will choose myiie partner by hiis inner qualities, nort by looks.siince uu will argued iif uu feel wronged, your partner may have a hard time.

"becos uu are boastful despite my lack of acting powers and other abilities. uu give people bad impression."( dunn tiink iit true) if uu maintain tat confidence. you will hear the word tat ii dread the most from myiie lover.

tat all iit stated.

moving on, we left lucky plaza around 4 ~ 5 + but boon peng left earlier abt nearing 4:5o as he has dragon boat trainning at 6. when tuu cine tuu eat sum stuff... we ate long john, ii hadd the fries and chip set wiit clam chowder.. yummy. nikki had claw chowder too. she says the clam taste liike fiish ball ... LoL.. so funny.. afta eating we left, ii parted my way as 3 of them taking the green line.

hmm.. tat all for todayy.. gonna stop herr...

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Jan 8, 2009' 9:12 PM

heyy heyy~~♫todayy woke upp at 9:1oam.. and iit liike ii`m late for skuu again... as class start at 1oam. iif ii take the train ii and definate-ly late... so ii took a cab . as uu know ii`m pretty forgetful[Quote: okok, ii`m very forgetful.] or wart ppl say sotong. And , guessed wart! ii lost myiie hp iin the cab, but when ii realised iit, the cab took off wiit a passenger. so ii kept spamming myiie fone(LG) wiit call. and iit liike ii use nikki,doggie,yong zhi and walter handphone tuu spam, kekes.and the ppl above tiink therr sumtiing wrong wiit miie as ii was paciing around wiit a emo face.etc... Aliina and nikki came up tuu miie tuu ask wart wrong but ii didnt tell untill nikki check her phone and guessed iit out. and ii broke out of tear. didnt cry but jus water liike tap running out.
moving on, we hadd tuu discussed abt our final year exam tiingy and ii was liike stoning and emo-iing.. Lol, ii was stoning and siir jiim cuaght miie stoning... heehees. sorry. was stoning and emoiing until 11:5o when myiie phone had ringed and iit was myiie number ii was liike SHOCKED and saiid OMG aloud until siir jiim heard iit... LoLs and iit was the cab driver who called miie. banzaii2. b4 tat siir jiim asked wart happen, as i was on the phone, so walter help miie tuu answer siir jiim. ii was suppose tuu meet the cab driver at 1~2 plus at semb.
so siir jiim allowed miie tuu leave class earlyy!! THX Q siir jiim! left skuu at 12:3o. and waited till 2:45 rafiie called miie. and ask tuu go dhubyy 1st. so reach therr was liike 3:2o around therr. theyy have nort reached. ii was liike.. okkayy... so when they reached.. ii was liike so how myy fone? and they told miie too meet the cab driver at hougang mall.. ii was liike WART!!..
anyy wayy, ii play 1 round of para2 b4 heading tuu hougang mall. so waited liike 15min therr so decied tuu eat kfc while waiting. and for abt another 10 mins the cab driver arrived wiit the phone.

dedication tuu the cab driver who drove miie tuu clementii ITE:

thx uncle for returning myy handphone!

afta eating headed back tuu dhoby tuu meet up wiit them. oso hadd a lil irrational arguement
wiit raffie.. hahas.
afta tat played para2 and tat guy who took faric dancing came bck. he played 2 non-stop game and we hog the machine bck again. when iit was 7:3o we left and when hme.

hmm.. gonna stop herr nw.


P.S: Boon peng dunn shyy shyy... iif nort uu cant play para2!
Heyy dude sryy abt tat... then rafie left afta awhile as he gonna meet hiis bro.
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Jan 7, 2009' 8:53 AM

ohayo~~♫ wake up at 8:45 in the morning, gort frightened up by mum! shouting and askiing r uu late for skuu ?then slept bck again woke up at 9:3oam. swtich on myyiie comp. and watch The X Family. watch untill 1o:1o then left myyiie house for skuu. was on the mrt liike 1o:21 reach clementi was 1o:5o took abt 1omin tuu reach myyie skuu.. but was still abt late ... kekes. iit liike todayy we dunn habb anyy lesson but sum final year exam planning . then we hab abt 1 and a Half hr for break. then when bck classroom. siir jiim hadd a tok wiith us .. and he let us go around 2pm. ii was suppose tuu go out wiit fariic todayy but ii forgot tuu bring extra clothiing. but still went anyy wayy. fariic wanted tuu playy para2 so ii accompanied hiim. nikki, yang, andy,rafiie went tuu dhoby wiit us tuu. but andy hadd tuu go early. wahh miie and fariic playy para untill siiao siiao!!
moving on, when tiime reaches 5pm we decided tuu go hme. when ii reach sembawang ii when tuu sun plaza tuu buy sum stationery at popular. then took a bus hme as myyiie bodyy ached alot.
hmm... ii`m gonna stop herr now.

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Jan 6, 2009' 10:34 PM

hey hey~~ ♫ todayy wake upp at 7 am , get ready for skuu then 7:3o then leave house kekes... reach skuu abt 8:4o am . slack at canteen the when tuu B2-1o2 class room for lesson. wahh damn shiok... abt 1o:50 am then finish class. we headed down tuu dhobyghuat then when tuu zone X tuu playy para2 and games. then boon peng oso playy nehh.. hahhas so funny.. but he passed a few stages. even 1 stage he gort 1oo% pass.. woo huu~~♫ the we when tuu eat kfc for lunch then afta that when tuu 7 lvl tuu help yong zhi get hiis golden village promo card and decided tuu watch bed tiime story. the show iis at 4:55. every one watched expect for boon peng. he niid tuu go hme . but we have abt 2 hrs of free tiime so we when tuu paradaz plaza tuu play pool. wahh... diidnt knowboon peng play pool so pro... kool... when reach 4 we left paradaz plaza and headed bck to ps and parted our ways wiit boonpeng.
moving on, ii bought nachoas wiit drink tuu watch the moviie. then sum part of the show ii doze off . hee hees.. playy para para ... so tiired tat whyy will doze off... kekes. movie finishes abt 6:55 then ii niid tuu go of already cos daddiiex goiing tuu shanghai for business trip. so ii accompany then tuu pc bunk wherr therr 1 empty coner etc, then ii left them . when reach sembawang dad come fectch miie hme 1st. then we left again. so reach hme around 10++ so watch abiit of tvee then so here ii am blogging.

gonna stop herr now !!

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ ' 9:25 PM

5 Jan2oo9
hoho~~♥ just nw was blogging at 3 am in the morning then watch finish PiLi MIT around 5 am . then when tuu slpp... woke up at 7:o5am to get ready for skuu. as dad was fetchiing miir tuu skuu. otw tuu skuu therr was liike 2 accident.. reach skuu iis liike 8:3o on the dot, ii tot ii will late. when tuu myiie locker tuu put myiie jacket iin and headed bck tuu the canteen to buyy myiie iice mountain. saw faric siiting at a table next tuu jon jon and weidong so ii when tuu join hiim.waitied till liike 9am when gordon wiit us and wee went tuu demo kitchen as our lesson will be held therr.siir jiim had a tok wiit us for a while and liike afta tokiing. Nicho came and ask miie for ear stix, ii looked at hiim and turned away . the sencond tiime oso diid the same tiing but he turned tuu boon peng and ask whyy m ii nort tokiign tuu hiim.afta awhile he tried again but ii pretended nort tuu hear. as he didnt reply myiie sms or nor diid he sms miie bck. and for 22 dayy ii didnt sms hiim at all nort once.afta skuu rafiie , doggie and ii when tuu pizza hut tuu eat therr werr alot of funny and weiird and Awful tiing happen . [Quote: horniie tuu] Funny becos Raf and Gord are liike pussy, childiish. weriid tiing iis tokiing abt shiit whiile eatiing. AWFUL RAFFIE KIIPS BOMBING AUTOMIC BOMBS AT MIE! and gord tuu. afta eating we when tuu bk book shop. and ii sms-ed niicho. and he replied miie. wow shockiing. but ii guess everytiing iis fiine nw.
moving on, raf could nort fiind hiis book so we left and ii went hme.
i`ll stop herr for nw.

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Jan 5, 2009' 2:59 AM

ellos ellos~~♥ iit 3 am iin the morniing and ii`m postiing stuff abt wart ii did ystdayy, + therr skuu iin liike 6 hrs tiime. couldnt slpp larr. so ii`m herr bloggiign!! kekes. woke upp at 4 pm the the early evening again. str8 away swtiich on comp. any continue watchiing myiie last 5 episode of ko one + special. can oso say tat iis wat ii do on myiie last day of holidayy. and nw skuu reopen lerr. haiis. nort so excited tuu return skuu. hahas. anyy wayy ii`ve been miising out on myiie KiiBA KiiBa siince ii stop at episode o31. anyy wayy iit gonna be a short post again.

so i`ll stop here

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Jan 4, 2009' 3:08 AM

iit the next dayy already. sorry for the late post.
3 jan 2oo9
anyway woke up at 4pm in early evening. becos yesterday when tuu town wiit them .. play papra . so tiired, tat whyy wake up so late .. hahahs. then hadd chicken rice for lunch. or rather tea tiime hee heez. then kept watchiing ko one hahas.
hmm.. moving on, now aday as skuu startiign soon , afew stuff kiip poppiing uup. and a feeliign tat ii must change when ii reach skuu on mondayy.

anyywayy tuu all myiie readers iif ii have anyy .. wiill post a short one todayy. dunn really have mood tuu type.

Ja mata ashita.

P.S : ii tot uu were true, but afta since tat last sms, my answer to NAKAMA has change.
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Jan 3, 2009' 1:27 AM

1 jan 2oo9

hmm... erm.. eii... so so sorry gort stm so cant rmb wart ii diid!! Hon tou Sumimasen deshita! ALL BECOS OF WATCHING KO ONE TAT WHYY FORGET TUU BLOG! kekes

2 jan 2oo9

today woke upp at 9:25 .. suppose tuu wake up at 9 am de tuu watch Zhong ji yi ke hahas. then watch untill 9:5o when bck tuu slpp. then woke up at 1:2o iif nort wrong becos piing col miie , woke miie upp. she say she wanna eat korean food at amk hub. so when wiit her. so dorts lorr. she wor a tee and fbt knee length short iif iim nort wrong. ROAR~~ wanted her tuu accompany miie tuu somerset de. but anyyway .. she ate rice wiit 2 kiind of shredded iin julienne veggie zuchine and bean sprout, then spicyy chicken shredded oso. hahads ii detailed tiime until reach somerset around 4:5o ~ 5 pm. hahas ii was the last 1 tuu reach therr. [ Quote: hahahs ! SO SO SORRY! to: gordon, Yong Zhi and RAF RAF!] when we meet up , decieded tuu watch a moviie at cine. had a few choice. but ii and yongzhi wanted tuu watch bed tiime story. but tuupid rafiie watched iit already . then cannort . then ii wanted tuu watched tuu watch ponyo at the cliff , the title iis abiit wrong. [ Quote: ponyo ponyo, ponyo na noko. sumtiing liike tat LoL.] but then rafiie and yong zhi say ii childiish... roar~~ cute wat that show ... hmmpx. then rafiie saiid he need tuu shit.. LoLs. so i gordon and yongzhi headed tuu lvl 4's arcade. hahas, ii when tuu play para. ii abt more then a mnth haven play para para lerr. when tuu play. wahh... ii play until stage 3 myy leg very suan.. [ Quote: SHIT MAN.. play 3 round then leg suan le.. RUSTY lerr~~] then gordon and riafie played drums.
moving on, we stop playiing arcade at 6pm, and oso decied tuu watch Transporter 3. iit a action movie.

here's a photo :

tiish show have alot of voilent but iit still ok and a lil of love/ kissing sence. but overall for miie iis ok. [Quote: even doh' ii kept yawning.] afta movie ii when tuu buy famous amous then we walk tuu dhoby ghuat MRT. when tuu ZONE X. rafie and gordon played the drums again. then rafie and yong zhi played daytona usa.hahas, and 1o:45 we left the arcade and took the train hme. iin the traiin called dad tuu see iif hiis aslpp and see whether he can fetch miie hme. he ask miie tuu buy bck Mac for supper oso hahahs.

hmm.. gonna stop herr and continue myy bbt and ko one. as for kiiba kiiba tmr then watch.



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ii lurbB uu♥ Jan 1, 2009' 12:20 AM

ellos ellos~~♥ iit a new year now! iit 2oo9 now!! so every tiing would change nw! ii hope. so anyy wayy, on the last day of 2oo9 , ii woke up at 2:3o pm. dad came bck from work early. and he bought back duckiie riice for myiie whole family!!
afta eating, str8 away ii turn myiie comp. on when tuu watch season 2's bbt . Taiwan gibbing out sum kind of voucher tuu them (taiwan's citizen) and the voucher worth $3600 yuan. moving on, the progame iis abt how tuu spend the voucher well. liike, payiing uur water bill etc, any wayy all within goverment stuff uu cant use the vouchers. and ii learn a new tiing. the voucher habb 6 of $ 5oo and 3 of $ 200 . then iif a item cost 25o yuan uu pay the cashier 1 $2oo voucher and try tuu get a $5o discount.
ok... anyy wayy the 2nd part tuu iit IS , ChanneL[V] 's B2 GE [Quote: ii tiink so] wants to organise a class outing for them. there is 3 place for them tuu choose. 1st iit iis ahh ben xue zhang telling them wart the place. iif ii`m nort wrong iit sum where iin taiwan, iit 3 days 2 night. next iit mao di xue zhang, iit a one day trip so ii tiink iit liike morning till niite and iit at Hong kong. uu can do lot and lots of SHOPIING!!

OK GET READY for the high tide. the last trip iis Louiis a.k,a xiiao lu who is in charge . is a trip tuu KOREA and iit liike 4 days 3 night. but wiit the 36oo voucher they still need to top iit up wiit another 1399 yuan !
but they still shoose iit and ii agree too... but sadd tiing iis ABC cant go cos he sum how iis nort permitted wiit the vouchers. wonder why?

And today ii watched my KIIBA KIIBA woo hoo~~♥
anyy wayy ii busy watchiing tvee so i`ll stop here nw!!

ohh.. and HAPPY NEW YEAR 2oo9 PPL!!

SoreJa #Maii<3

P.S A new year STARTS A new story BENGINS

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ii lurbB uu♥ ' 12:17 AM

TO my reader out therr [ iif there any, hahahs]


Woo Hooo!!
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