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ii lurbB uu♥ Dec 24, 2010' 12:26 AM

Afta a l0ng while ... im finally bck ~~!

this is a story ii came out by tiinkiing ...

Valkyrie Cain is 19... she live in haggard
,co-dublin,ireland .. in a fetish mansion.. left by hiis ex-uncle. Val started working liike 3 yr ago in a pretty busy shop called the bespoke ... as a waitress... she met many wonder full co- workers.. but funny tiings iis there were more waiters then waitress ... she really look fforward in working here .. there were many funny/weiird/annoy characters here.. well, val had not work in this line before so she has to start from scratch right.. iit logic .. iit sense..

Val has so call 3 mntors, Fletcher,Leo and Cleric.[talk more vvv]

so for the past 6 mnth ,Val have been starting work early and getting bck hme abt 11 ...  and she met someone who attracts her ALOT... but .. at 1st she fiind hiim very annoying .. AND HIIS HAIIRDO.. iit wild and untamed ... hiis name iis fletcher . weiird named ..uh.. hahas... and hiis a few few yrs older then Val .. but .. fletcher alway save her in a niick of time ... she really appreciate .. iit ALOT...

VaL had a crush on her... and iit was Leo . but iit kinda liike not wart iit is .. any way ...

[kinda late will continue myy story tmr or tmr tmr (: hee hees]
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