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ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 31, 2009' 11:00 PM

heyy peeps..~~ sum RandomnesS of todayy~~!

hmm... saw undat the start 0f a brand new day (: then ... kipp staring at hiim(: no idea whyy~~
then opening ..
kinda shocked when ii saw schedule saying kenny gege and ethan 0ff =X as ii tot ii must replace them again .. 0hh~~ no... then joke joke wiit ram , uncle and undat (:

hahahahas .. todayy neber DANG~~ YIIPPEE~~ but gort alot of ppl imitate miie ~~! ESPECIALLY uncle and undat~~!

then 0-ji-chan gort new aii-meii-zhe[爱美者]~~! De DA~~ tat iis RAM~~! WEETS now he have kenny and bruce gege tgt wiit undat now RAM (: hahahas

anyy wayy ... nth much happen... ohh yar .. around 6 plus ethan came ma maison ..
then the rest iis samo samo (:


happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 30, 2009' 11:24 PM

here iit come again ~~!


will blog abt Sat ~~

welll... iit kinda liike fri but more tired-ing and DANG ~~
goshh ... as kenny gege iis on mc ~~!

hmm.. anyy wayy iit wasnt peter whose standing next tiime miie but ~~ BRUCE 0nii-uee<3
kekes... so coool .. finally can see hiim~~! then at 1st every tiing was normal until more and more ppl come.. ohh yea.. morning wasnt at all normal now tat ii rmb ... every tiing was iin a messed ... especially ah tatt shu2 area.. goshh.. every tiing stack up high high .. nort bad huh~~ but ii g0rt a feeliing iif kenny gege were tuu do a surprice drop by ... he wud nono he will faint and take anothers day of mc .. MUahahahas... but then afta tat he was ok lerr .. iit started tuu get on miie .. now ii`m the dang and jump and MESSY one.. all hiis fault larr ... goshh my salad onlii manage tuu go 3 tray... but lucky my spaghetti tub le .. then ethan help miie tuu put iin frigde (: THXX QQ(: then diid operation .. and same tiime tiinking whyy ii am nort standing at the siink ? ii alway do myy operation in the siink ...
then around 1+ 2 .. ahh tatt shuu then tell miie ii veryy slack horr? and added ii neber peel potatoes... ii at once was liike OMG~~ now wart tiime lerr .. ahhh... then quickly go peel then wiith the help of bruce gege backing miie up ): SORRY
ii totally forget abt iit .. how cud ii ~~! well ii took 45 min tuu peel then ... then afta that diid slice onion[appt.] then wash rice then cant wart ... then pizza.. then start niite operation(: ohh ya ya ... hadd tuu wear the yukata again ~~~! Da DENG~~~ hahas... but ii gort use tuu iit alreayy... then when ii handed the yukata tuu bruce he was liike .. ohh ~~ err... ok ... HAHAHAHAHAHS ~~ so funny... then during operation niid tuu plating and stuff .. ii kept tiinking bruce gege was PETER ~~~! WAkakakas... no idea whyy , but iit so hilarious.. gege tmr dunn kill mie arr XP.. then when iit was abt 8:45 or 50? my concentration was detoriating.. focus iis slowly going and gone.. was a lil angry oso .. how come so many orders appetizer sum more... Z.z.. but still pulled tru .. wiith a lil of bruce gege and ahh tatt shuu~~ help (:

then 9:30 off work .. waited for nemii tuu 0ff duty @ 10 ; tgt wiit ethan oso .. must send hiim song .. guess wart ? tat my 1st tiime having staff meal at niight(: the one tat cook for us iis BRUCE AL MIGHTY gege LoLs (: hiis own style of carbo nehh (: very niice (: kekes then we lefty ma maison tgt and parted our way(: nemi and ge trained hme as myyiie daddiex come tuu fetch miie (:



P.S. ii LoveS 0t , VERY tired-ing But ii LiikE<3


happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 29, 2009' 12:41 AM


today was a good and nort so good dayy larr ... kenny gege was siick larr... byut he still come for opening larr... at 1st ii notice he wasnt riight ... but when ya-san came .. then touch hiis fore head .. then ii know he gort fever... 0-0hh~~ was iit miie who pass on tuu hiim ... iif iit was SORRRYYY~~~ but ii know iit doesnt really help larr... but still SORRY ~~ nyaa =3
moving on.. had operation and stuff .. supoose tuu liike go hme at 6pm .. but stay on .. take over kenny gege place .. and 0hh my fking g0d... ii must wear the guys yukata .. and summore iit kenny one .. ii tiink ... so WEIIRD LARR... hahahs .. ii am curious tuu see how bruce will look iin tat yukata (: ohh yea.. iif ii`m nort wrong ... ii have nort see hiim for 3 day or more lerr... TMR II BETTER SEE UU ARR ~~! ohh yea.. bruce gege .. today nat/net miss uu again (: kiip asking miie " my bf coming ?" 3:30 already ii tiink he nort coming" yawn~~~ then from 6pm work untill 9: 43 pm .. then off work .. weetttsss~~ then called faric see he finished work and wann tuu go hme tgt anort ... so we trained hme (: aiiyarr today tuu tired tuu po full details .. g0ing tuu slpp soon ... but b4 tat still niid tuu helpp ETHAN tuu get the Da mouth song ...... ohh yea... todayy ahh tat shuu shuu and miie very then dang ~~! but miie omg .. so funny larr... worst them hiim ... dang until forget tat niight tiime soup day and clam chow wud switch place.. then ii told ethan tat clam chow[soup day] no more lerr ... every one laugh at miie [ peter,ethan ahh tatt] DOTS... ahhtatt SHuu2 LAUGHs the WORST LARR.... goshhh.. kayys larr .. gonna st0ppuu lerrr... scard 2 tmr cant wake up (:

byee byee buu

Nyaa Nyaa X3
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 26, 2009' 8:07 PM

siince then ... ii always taake life a str8 line .. wat come ii take wart goes ii oso take.. neber really expect much oso ... but now .. ii feel liike .. ii am the stupidest person ever... [leaving out the disable ppl] ii guess they are more clever then miie ... well.. ii realised , ii`m alway being covered.. cant see anyy improvement .. nth tuu chase afta .. no goals iin liife ... nort even dreams... ii cant even see where ii go wrong ... teach 0ne tiime cant even learn iit properly .. ii dunn wann tuu be SHYYYY~~! ii cant even shout a proper new order ): ii must be the stupiddest person in the whole wide world tat bruce,kenny gege and ahh tatt shu2 have ever seen ):

P.S. iim jus a paiin in the ass for them ):
and faa .. ii glad uu were here (:

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 25, 2009' 9:51 PM

Yoshh... here ii am blogging abt my pass 3 day including today ~~

?? aug [cant rmb when]

ystdayy afta work ii ehrn tuu change myy clothes ot rather change out my uniform=D then when ii take out my jacket ii saw a box of chocolate (: at once ii knew or maybe tot iit from kenny gege (: cos b4 he when for 'al' and off we smsed each other and he say when he return he will giibx miie cho-co-late =D nyaa=D
so .. ii`m liike s0 freakiing HAPPY (:n cnt freaking stop smiling (: then kat wast next tuu miie as i was waiting for faric tu come as he wanted tuu break fast wiit miie ... so yarr lorr...

0hh yea... and the day b4 or b4 ? cant rmb when ii started tuu shout new order .. iit liike so embrassing larr... during tat tiime ii feel liike being a orstrich and digg a hole and hide my head in iit.. .

erm.. then yesterday wasnt feeling so good .. had slight fluu during operation tiime ... kepty sniffing and sneezing ... then when wash riice finish .. ahh tat and kenny gege was eating thier meal.. bruce gege in side kitchen ..then ii was writing labels for miie washed rice... then ram was habbing hiis meal tuu ... lols.. then ii dunno wart started iit .. but kenny gege was imtating miie.. hmmpx... he diid then cat paw and imitating miie sayiing nyaa nyaa ~~! then all 3[bruce,kenny&ahh tatt] of them laughhs... so bad...

then afta work reach home dunn feel good.. head feel liike exploding.. str8 when tuu bed... then todayy didnt go work as feel no good.. but the the same tiime ii feel very bad .. tat neber go work.. this tiish morning when see doc.. doc gave miie 2 day mc.. but ii tiing ii will go work tmr ... even doh.. ii guess.. ii can ... ii cann go work barr... jus niid tuu rest well...(:

todayy neber see bruce gege.. miss hiim (:

anyywayy ii stop here now will update soon (:

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 20, 2009' 11:08 PM

hmm, jus sum random funny stuff tat happen ...

today ii kiip stariing at ethan again hahahahas so funny larr.. then he came and tell miie.. uu wann myy photo ? ii was liike ... whyy do ii wann iit for ? and he oso say iis recently take one .. diiao ... ii shocked .. even tiish type of guy oso will camwhore .. lols SHOCKED(: lols.. but then ii say photo .. ii oso wann autograph.. (: kekes...hmm... didnt really gort tiime tuu tok tuu kennyy gege todayy (: was busy ): but smsing hiim now (: nyaa hahahas kayy barr .. ii go do myy stuff lerr.. jus a short post for today (:
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 19, 2009' 10:02 PM

todayy had work again (: at 10 am .. but sometiing or some1 wasnt there;D iit was KENNY gege(: qii guaii nnor .. suppose-ing-ly iit shud be hiim , ethan and miie doiing opening .. but afta ii change come out .. ii saw AhTaTT ... diiao~~!OMG... peter iis so correct ii tiink ... moving on, when ii saw hiim horr.. ii feel liike laughiing siia>.<" his wearing skinny nehh ~~! black colour some more nehh (:oso iit look so new nnor !!! but he say he onlii wear iit on hiis off day (: tat whyy iit look so new ~~!
anyy wayy ... 3 pm le .. ah tatt off work le... ): ii was along even doh.. gort peter and ethan there ): b4 tat heard from dunno who kenny 0nii-chan coming at 6 pm.whyy kenny ge wasnt at opening cos .... he misplaced or lost hiis walet z.z so he gort tuu replace iit befor coming tuu SG ~~ so suckyy lorr... and passport as identity nort enough mehh ?? =X anyywayy .. he was late for 20 mins.. as he reached ma maison at 6:20 pm Z.z.. had a glanced of him then ii had tuu go replace my CL as during aftanoon`s operation one siide of the lens tore into HALF .. darnnity X< plus faric come and fiind miie on hiis off day (: SO SWEEEEEEEEET(: ii went tuu eyeplay tuu replace myy cl... and gort a 2yr membership tgt wiit 1-day acuvue define.. then we when tuu LJs gor dinner ... then ii told faric tat piing worker today @ vivo de time zone... so took a cabbie .. but .. OMFG... when we reached .. ii was suppose tuu liike pay for iit .. but ii cant fiind myy net =0 ... dunn tell miie ii lost iit .. goshh.. then faric had tuu pay for miie 1sT .. s0 s0rry .. then go timez. tuu play para for 4 games... as ahh le nort there yet (: ... then boy came .. chit chat awhile then ... boy saiid gort hippo dancing .. lols...iit liike so bad larr... but kinda true X> the boy imitate tat girl dfancing .. adding a lil of hiis style in iit... kung fu + a lil swearing ... afta tat boy was thirsty so he ask us too accompany hiim ... so we when tuu daiso.. as stuff there iis $2 buck (: boyy got 2 coffee drink .. ii g0rt 0-cha~~! l0ve iit (: then when payiing ii gave hiim 2 buck but he reutrn miie sayy tat he treat miie (: aww... s0 sweettt (: THANKS ALOT (: afta then when bck tuu timez. outsiide the green green tiing~~! around 10:54 pm .. bruce gege call miie .. and he leaving tc .. so ask hiim wanna go home tgt (: hee hees... the he AGREE (: yippeee!! so we train hmr tgt =D

tat abt all ..
byee byee buu#


P.S omg.. ii h0pe iit nort true (:
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 18, 2009' 10:58 PM

heyy heyy(: today had work then blah blah blah .. but ii finished work at 4 pm .. cos gort nth tuu do lerr(: kekes... but today undat came for opening(: hahas.. erm, so afta work eat staff meal then around 5:30 left maison tuu CENTRAL .. go meet up wiith faric... same tiime go FIIND KAT AND JASON SHU SHU(: put dwn my bag str8 go up tuu tc de maison (: saw peter getting ready tuu go out ... for a smoke ii guess.(: the he ask miie tuu go iin slack slack (: hahas saw KAT (: so happy (: hahas then .. peter have one habbit of calling ppl nick names (: hahas.. iim maisy michael jackson then a staff at tc call margret iis called princess magret then kat iis pussycat doll ii tiink (: then ah fei iis.. xiao li chan dao ii tiink ... ohh.. yea... he alway love tuu match make for miie (: iin bugis he alway say ii and kenny tgt.. today .. he come and say mie tgt wiith ahh fai .. lols so dots... lorr.. hahas ... so qi guai ~~ ohh yea.. then summore.. jason SHU SHU know ii cry worr... so shocked ... but surely iis ahh tat tell hiim de larr ... so obvious de... (: kayys barr ..

i`ll stop for now(:


P.S 0mg Ethan SHUD SMILE MORE(: iit look good 0n hiim (:
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 16, 2009' 10:30 PM

todayy nort a good dayy for miie ): had some terrible mistake.. 1st was the riice... ii was suppose tuu cook riice...start at 10:45 then 11:15 shud be ready but .. when ii go collect ii felt sum was wrong.. felt liike the rice cooker wasnt cooking.. then ii ask ram .. up or dwn iis the gas out, then he came and check ... he open the cover ... and see the riice nort cooked.. ii paniicked.. ii shouted for kenny... then he came iin and tell ram tuu cook again... etc.. then 15 mins later... kenny ask miie tuu take out riice... but ii told hiim tat still gort 15 mins ... then he shouted " go take Riice" . ii was shocked and frighten.. 1st tiime kenny gege raise hiis voice at miie .. ): but afta tat iit was ok lerr.. ii triied nort tuu pissed hiim off ...hmm... then blahh blahh blahh... todayy had work until 9 pm ... iif im nort wrong tat wat the schedule paper saiid.. but then ii off duty untill 8 pm. so weiird larr..my 2nd mistake was nort looking at the surroundiing properly ... and ii drop a bowl of chicken ii tiink... looks liike iit ... then AT the bck .. ahh tatt talked tuu miie .. sayy tat ii workiing very slow.. hmm.. ii dunno nehh ... izzit becos ii tiink tuu much while doiing stuff tat whyy ii will slow ? or my pace iis broken when ii do other tiings? sumtiime ii feel tat ii dunno how tuu build up myy speed .. or rather ii niid sum1 tuu teach miie how tuu faster? but kenny gege gort arr... he oso demo for miie nehh ... z.z ii jus dunno wart wrong wiit miie X( ii knew iit, ii`m jus dragging kenny gege dwn ... ii must be the TUUPIDEST attchement STUDENT he EVER taught~~! iim sorryy~~ then .. 6 pm reaching lerr... zzz aiiyo.. kenny gege and bruce gege dunno do wart tuu each other .. ii g0rt in the middle and gort a bashh from kennyy gege): then afta he hitt bruce .. he can and messed myy head/cap (: no one touch/messed my head for a long tiime ... ): anyy wayy .. then dinner 0peration start .. then suddenly ahh tatt sayy tue ii am a member of iit jus for tue.. ii started panicking.. AND the fear took over miie agaiin... and criied... zzzz... ii really vey scared for tue dinner operation.. )': ii very scared ii will messed iit up... haiis... now ii very messed up in the HEAD.. gonna slpp now ... NIITES (:


P.S. sorryy ~~ t0 kenny gege and ahh tatt 0-jisan and BRUCE GEGE... ii must been a PAIN in the ass f0r uu guyys ):
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 15, 2009' 9:21 PM

heyy heyys(: today the same .. slice cabbaggie.. then.. the usual stuff(: operation start.. hmm.. iit quite busy (: then at 2:55pm .. ah tatt o-ji-chan and kenny onii-chan tell miie tat bruce nii-chan nort coming .. so ii must replace hiim .. hiis tired and siiick becos of takiing care of miie.. at the moment ii very down lerr... ii know bruce nii-chan siick from tat tiime... but is iit becos of miie ? then diid tiings very slow.. and... then when packiing baby prawn tat tiime tears started dripping .. then the oji-san sayy ii fake cry .. ~~! ROAR=X but bruce onii-chann g0rt come for work at 3pm but didnt see hiim untill 3:10pm..then ii feel liike kenny nii-chan bully miie.. iit alway the case lorr... hiis face has tiish evil grin iif he wann tuu do sumtiing bad etc.. hmm... 6:38 few mins ago .. bruce nii-chan come to miie asking how tuu spell continue? but when ii ask hiim whyy .. he didnt reply bck (: then he go tok tuu kennyy nii-chan .. afta bruce nii-chan write finish .. kenyy nii-chan wrote .. lastly was ah tatt oji-chan write... ii wonder wart they wriite ? .. so curious... and .. OMG.. whyy wud he say " i wann tuu hide my bag .. cos alway gort alot of rubbiishh =X~~! whyy diid ahh tatt and kennyy - 0nii chan say the same TIING? AND HOW COULD KENNY 0NII-CHAN SAYY IIT SMALL KIID MEAL???

ii still tiink BRUCE ONII-CHAAN saikooo ~~! N"UMBER 1

.. kayys then i`ll stop here for now (:


happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 14, 2009' 12:17 AM

heyy .. todayy post wud be abt bruce onii-chan(:

hiis a filipino but living in SG(:kekes.. cooL riight (: hmm... hiis 25 now .. but hiis have a fiance .. tiink iit the riight spelling (: blah blah .. ii fiind tat .. 0nii-chan know miie the best (: he can feel tat iim feel dwn etc... (: so far ii guess iin myiie liife bruce gege iis the one and onlii one who know miie the best (: bruce gege iis a christian. and he love tuu sing .. dance too (: but... erm... cannot! hahas .. hiis a very funny guy... scary too.. cos of some reason .. ii cant post on blog .. as he doesnt wannt miie too.. so ii dunn.. (: but another reason hiis scary becos of hiis money and eating ways... ii cant believe he will go tuu anyy fine dinning RESTUARANT ALONE .. and eat until liike ... ranging from $50~ $170 buck .. myy goodness.. iit so EXPENSIVE and heart pain ... iif ii spend untill liike ptat ii will at once go BANG WALL .. or CRY MY HEART OUT~~! my goodness.. iit so freaking scaryy ... the portion he eat iis so HUGE~~! hmm... hmm.. i`ll stop my post now but the willl be more abt hiim ... ~~!

to be CONTINUED ~~!

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 13, 2009' 1:02 AM

Deep, deep inside of my heart
There is a weight that still needs to be lifted
Cover it up, but the pain never stops
Sometimes I wish that s0me one'd wud just listen

Deep, deep inside of myself
There is a soul starving for some affection
Been waiting for years and the time passes by
All ii ever wanted was to fit in

So I wrote this out
I hope that some one would know
Cause no one light up my life
And I dunno whether i can fight this
i`m nort the most beautiful girl in the world
And I jus a extra

Constantly waiting for life
Starving for love to surround it

If only looked ii looked right by my side
ii`d find that there wasnt any one

ii`ve lived through so much and nort seen many things
Through my eyes and I wish i could just see
If it were up to me I would construct a key to my heart
And hope some one finally set me free

So I wrote this out
I hope that some one would know
Cause no one light up my life
And I dunno whether i can fight this
i`m nort the most beautiful girl in the world
And I jus a extra

Wait for the time, it will come (you can call me)
And you will realize just how Stupid ii AM

There's enough hate in the world
To bring mie down (AND GIVE UP)


So I wrote this out
I hope that some one would know
Cause no one light up my life
And I dunno whether i can fight this
i`m nort the most beautiful girl in the world
And I jus a DUMB KiiD(:
tat no one really know(:
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 12, 2009' 10:24 PM

ellos ellos(: today when tuu work.. sumtiing special happen when ii walk iin tuu ma maison .. at the door step ... ii saw a bck view... ii was liike SHockeD and OMG... iis there a GiiRL chef tat ii dunno working today? but when ii go iin .. she turn around ii look up at her .. ii GORT A FUCKING SHOCK ... iit was actually ahh tAtt... he cut hiis haiir and highlighted iit ..hmm... the bck was ok .. but the fringe dunn suit hiiim... lols.. my tiinking iis kinda scenester look.. (: ahh but my haiir .. ii dunno whyy my haiir wunn stay in place.. izzit becos of the layer nort enuff.. or too much hairspray too heavy or wart .. z.z anyy wayy... then ii slice cabbage slower then yesterday... maybe 20 mins? cos ii didnt calculate my time properly ... hmm... then blahh blahh blahh.. but ii liike uur BCK VIEW OFF HIIS HAIIR ~~!

then the rest of wart ii diid today afta work iis a secret(:


happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 11, 2009' 9:59 PM

WEII~~!today so hapiie (:(: iit liike the very 1st tiime iin 1 mnth today ii tiings the fastest .. and ii dunno whyy ? start work at 9:55 ... slice cabbage till 10:10am.. then blah blah blah... then 10:30-10:45 pack spaghetti in tubb.. then peel potatoes ... finish iit liike @ 12:15 ii tiink... the help out at operation ... then slice onion [appt] aiiyarr ... anyy wayy ... every tiing do finish .. except for unagi set .. cos bruce HELP MIIE (:

THX QQ (:(: Lurbb uu GUYs(:


happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ ' 7:40 PM

eLLos(: today post wud be abt ethan ( : as all other posts ii saiid : ethan was scary ~~! but todayy ii fiind tat hiis nort onlii scary hiis FUNNY too(: ii feel tat iif he smile more talk more he would be funny/hilarlious or even fabulous(: mm.. hiis a guai kiia too.. nort good but guaii as in weiird and strange z.z todayy was doiing tiing inn kitchen then must move here and there riight.. then he sayy ii purpose-ly use myy body tuu hit/bang/touch into hiim.. iis liike wart the hell larr... ii am liike ... 0MG~!@ so thiick face larr =X is accidently de larr... 0kiieeeee~~! n0rt purpose-ly de..ok ~~! uu tiink tuu MUCH le..
moving on, ii fiind tat hiis nort really a overall tall scary guy (: h0pe he can be liike tiish every tiime (:
ohh.. yea ... he smiled at miie... but oso sumtime wiit a evil grin ...ii neber expected hiim to liike smile (: as he alway has or pulled a long face(: iim starting tuu liike hiim being around the kitchen (:
i`ll stop herr now(:

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 10, 2009' 10:03 PM

heyy heyy (: for the 1 mnth in ma maison ii fiind tat all most ma maison ppl iis so strange especially kitchen staff ppl (:kitchen staff ppl loves tuu scold 1 particular vulgar word. iit iis [chee byee].. lols and ESPECIALLY kenny(: kenny good,bad,funny,joking tiings oso will sayy tat word. or even chao 700... lols.. ii dunno whyy ii fiind iit funny and want tuu laughs at hiim when he say iit... ohhh ya... he loves tuu kiang... meaning.. he like tuu pretend tat iit nort hiim .. example tat happened... yesterday was national day riight ? ii recieved a sms abt 9:57 .. iit say " im kenny! happy bday to uu" now uu 18 yrs old ... dunn cry liao lo.. diid uu enjoy national day ?"
[ii wunn cry iif uu didnt ignore miie RIIGHT][=X anyy one iin ma maison can ignore miie but UU, BRUCE and ahh tatt CANNORT CANNORT IGNORE MIIE] continue-ing... then today at work ask hiim diid he sms miie .. he sayy "huh? sms uu ? for wart? but in fact hiis smiling.. nvm ... fiine .. but when bruce gege come ii tell bruce gege " he say he didnt sms miie nehh ? wth.. he over there gort tat evil grin on hiis face "X)" (: and we confirmed number iit HIIS.. iit KENNY GEGE DE NUMBER ii was liike zzz... and uu know wart ? he kiip changing topic... sayy wart .. faster no tiime lerr...but the truth is hhe iis SHY RIIGHT (: but where diid he get my number? from bruce? or ahh tat ? nahh.. cant be from bruce riight? ahh tatt .. hmm... must be ... they are so couply made for each other XP... but anyy wayy ii am/is/was really SHOCKED and HAPPY tat he smsed miie and greeted miie happy bday (:
AND TODAY HE BEGIN TALKING TUU Maii~~!! *((: SO HAPPY(: HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY~~! jus now at work ... was tiinkiing tuu myy self tat ii wunn be smsing kenny gege again ... cos ii tiink iit be really weiird/strange/awkward? as .. 0mg... wart shud ii type ? for the open dialouge? etc.. hiie ! erm... z.z goshh .. so awkward larr .. X) well hiis actually a funny guy but same tiime very QI GUAII(:
0mg.. s0 freaking happy (: kenyy gege talking tuu miie again (:
Ethan .. EthAN ... he sure iis scaryy larr... but at the samw tiime ii fiind tat he isnt tat bad... as he iis willing tuu helpp miie take dwn the metal tub thiingy... tat way up high.ii tiink ii fiind tat kenny iis hard on the outside sift in the inside(: erm, even though he doesnt blushh, but ii can feel tat hiis shyy (:
hahas.. then nort tuu long ago kenny gege sms miie(: hmm... 1 sms cudnt really understand wart he meant .. but iit was ok later on (: KENNY GEGE ARR .. uur english nort tat POOR LARR (: it better then ii expected (:
ii kiinda miss kenny gege hiiting my cap/head(:

but uu may tiink tat iim very kua zhang .. for iit onlii 3 day he ignore miie (: but 24x3=72. so iit liike 72 hr .. iit preety long for miie (:

but anyy wayy ... iim HAPPY(:


P.S. ii LoveS them 3 (: onii-chan tachi ya oji-san ga DAISUKII (:
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ ' 8:56 PM

ellos elloos(: today post isnt todayy... iit been a week ? anyy wayy... hadd work and same old stuff.. blahh blahh blahh... the chit chated wiit ethan , ahh tatt and peter (:and iit kinda funny and weiird.. ethan ask miie a qus: uur dad gort aeroplane anort ? and ii was liike... HUH? my dad where got so riich de... then peter cut iin and say in few yrs tiime there will be a T4. and uu know whyy?? cos iit myy dad open de!! ii was liike diiao z.z then iit was liike DIIAO.. 0hh yea.. ii dunno whyy ii liike tuu stare at hiim (: anyy wayy ... iit so FREAKY.. whyy freakyy... COS~~! ahh tatt watch k.0.3anguo.. WEETS~~! he know who liiubeii, diiao chan & lu bu.. ii was ... liike... FAR OUT MAN~~ tat cool... tiish type of ppl oso gort watch , * CLAP CLAP* tat day kenny gege wasnt there for my whole 8 hrs ): feel so weiird w/o hiim.. but iif ii wasnt wrong .. heard tat he when home (:hope he had funn ... OHH.. yea.. ii knew iiT pockyy iis AGELESS... anyy 1 .. old yound FAT or thiin oso will EAT DE...but kenny gege (: say iit for small kiid tuu eat de (: WHO SAY DE(: every peter oso eat nnor(: aiiyarr he older then peter larr (:Muahahahahas :X
he tuu powdwerful le (:



happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ ' 8:09 AM

AHHHH..... 1st 0f all ~~! tiish go tuu my bel0ved FAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA:

0mg ii cant believe iit uur g0iing tuu thailand ...): but ii cant waiit for uu tuu get uur lappy bck (: ahh... hadd been busy wiith work .. and cudnt really catch uu on msn... but thx for the card(: ii h0pe uu have a awesome time in thailand..(: cant waiit tuu chat w uu again...


moviing on, took cabbiie tuu bugis junc. as was meeting faric 1st then bruce gege(: as ii will be folloing bruce gege tuu hiis church (: but when tuu j.c.o tuu fiind faric he wasnt there then ii when tuu kinokuyaki... the japanese bookshop. tuu look for new comics. saw a book on simpson on bart. title gudie on life ii tiink saw few page felt tat it was hilarious. so yea. wanted tuu buy iit but line was very long.
maybe i`ll get it tmr... then finally meet faric chit chated w hiim and then when tuu swensen tuu habb lunch. ii had mac'n'cheese faric hadd mushroom galore we shared h0t us french fries and banana split. then afta eating we deciede tuu walk round bugis as bruce gege habben call miie... hmm... but then the phone rang .. hiis already at mrt station . so headed dwn .. [ OMG iit gonna be a long post!(: ] traiin dwn tuu somerset. then faric when tuu 0g`s startbuck and waited for miie for liike 2h30m ... THX Q SO MUCH ii appreciate iit (:[ ill`uploaded pic of my bday gift later at niight ?] so when tuu bruce gege`s church iit was kinda scaryyyyyyy.. but at the same tiime iit was kinda familar.. but.. so anyy wayy while goiing up tuu the auditorium bruce saw then group leader... called crystal(: then erm... had a few song b4 we go tuu the front seat tuu seat wiith Ellie and Mike.. thier a couple..(: ii liike them ... especially ellie(: then heard a speech from pastor christie ong. then ending soon they had the song salvation ii tiink? most of the song they sang .. iit feel liike ii heard iit b4. from heart of god church . the ending part iis funny(: ellie was dancing tuu the music.. then bruce saw and copied her move... hee hees iit was hilarious , funny yet II LIIKE IIT(: afta tat bruce gotta go meraidein for church meeting ): so cudnt follow us.. well no matter.. when tuu meet giirl and giirl`s bf for dinner.. or rather supper LOL(:

g2g for work lerr.. will upload and continue posting later at night(:


P.S. atashi wa ToTTEMO DAISUKI Bruce 0nii-Chan(:
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 9, 2009' 12:09 AM

ii really dunno mahh... ii feel very scared ~~! mahh... ii know ii stupid mahh no confident oso nort my fault ~~! has been liike tat since then... ii am jus a person wiith a 12 yrs old knowledge ii oso cannort help iit de marr... was born liike tat ... but uu wud sayy iit excuses... but .. ii jus cant mahh...and tiinkiing oso slow... and gort stm... ii cant take iit le.. ii really dunn liike iit mahh... ii jus cant... ii know tat working is stuff and stuff .. ii wasnt refering to iit. ii was refering tuu kenny... ii wud rather uu talking tuu miie then ignoring miie... II wud rather uu talk tuu miie iin person .. then miie tiinkiing alot... ii told ii diid sumtiing wrong...? but truth iis ii so hate sum tots abt iit... but ... ii oso dunno how tuu be independent.....ii suddenly dunn wann tuu grow up...
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 8, 2009' 9:16 PM


p.s: god... ii so so fucking messed up.. ii have no one.... ii wiish uu were there ):
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 4, 2009' 10:37 PM

heyy heyy! (: today had work from 1o.am - 8pm (: body iis so ache-ing larr~~! afTanoon`s operation isnt tat tiring. it feel like there alot of customers and stuff b ut iit didnt really make me feel tired. but at niight from 6pm - 8 pm .. damn tired and busy. maybe iit becos ii`m doing alot of stuff and moving around and too much order. but even so iit very cool and FUN. erm, sumtiing bad happen... ii cried terrible-ly ... worst then b4.i told bruce part of the reson behind iit... but iit nort really true. truth is .. ii got FREAKED out by kenny ): about the stuff meal preparation. for the service side.. ii didnt know what tuu cook .. and ii was tuu freaked out tuu tell whether are they kidding or iit real. (:

then a few tiime kenny accused me of doiing stuff ii didnt do ... liike the cling wrappy tiingy(: goshh.. iit was so funny larr...

anyy wayy... carrying on, ohh.. yea, i`ll be mostly focusing on niite operation. Goshh..my 1st platiing was chasoba, and ii gort crop up by the chasoba base... iit was ice berg tat ii forgotten. then peter helped miie with iit .. and the rest ii continued my own.ii jus niid tuu mix the soba wiit jap dressing. the add in egg, ham, cucumber stix& tomatoes oso nort forgetting noriiiii~~(: .. hmm... then , iit my 1st tiime seeing kenny at the stove wiit ah tatt(:he was cooking piyalia rice... so funny larr... but when there are more customers he come back to the microwave area ... and tuu guide miie, hmm.. iim nort sure, or maybe nort use tuu see kenny cooking (: bruce took over the stove.. iit feel so new seeing bruce cooking ala crate. as he wud mostly be at the griller or doing plating giude-ing miie (: but the whole 3 hours peter was doiing all the plating (: then .. work till 8 pm .. then go hme...


will blog MORE soon (:


happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 3, 2009' 9:33 PM

heyyheyy(: todayy had work agaiin(: 10am-5pm. but hadd tuu stay untill 6pm!

operation start le... ii when tuu get potatoes... then he came tuu tok tuu miie (: ask miie tuu try my best tuu do tiing fast (: and ii tried my best but.. still , ii cant do much... but ii borke my record iin peeling potatoes(: every tiime ii take .. iif nortwrong.. kenny sayy ii take 2 hr barr? but todayy ii take 45 min(: WEeTS~~ erm.. rice ok was 1.25pm. then ii peel finish is 2.10pm so iis 45min riight?
then when grating daikon.. recieved hiis sms.. [ ii tot iit was fiine le ] but... anyy wayy.. then ii made myself and kenny and peter confused. wiit wrap or plastic bag.. hahas very funny and tuupiid larr (: but when ii gonna finish work le ... ii feel so dwn.. tok tuu hiim sum tiime he ok then sumtiime hiis nort ok ... then finish work ii can go off le .. cos kenny sayy ii can go .. but, ii gort call bck by hiim... sayyiing wart ii niid tuu tell hiim ii go off le must tell hiim... ? whyy? every tiime neber wart ? then today must .. ii dunno iif he ok anort ii of cos wud nort tok tuu hiim de wart... so on the safe siide ii wud avoid hiim ... haiis...tmr gort work ... ii really dunno how tuu carry on ... ii WANN TUU CRY OUT LOUD ... but no one tuu COMFORT... Wart the HECK...



happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Aug 2, 2009' 11:35 PM

SorWee ):
dunn AnGryy Nahh ):


P.S: FUCK LARR... Wart Wrong wiith my BLOGGER?
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ ' 11:19 PM

hellos... hahas .. has n0rt been able tuu bLog for quite a long tiime lerr (: well ii gonna say abt today (: as pernormal today start work at 10am(: till 8 pm (: normal stauff in the morning . but at dinner tiime iit so FUN.. but the same time iit oso scary and very hectic .. but ii liike iit (: ii did most of the cold dish (: liike scallop kapacho... lols dunno how tuu spell ... then smoke salmon.. garden green ii tiink? the tuna prawn .. then tomato salad(:... but bruce were they tuu guide miie(: [ THANKS QQ ] then .. bad tiing iis .. ii DUNNO iis baka angry or jus playyiing wiit miie? HAIIS ... anyy wayy will stop here again (:


happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

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