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ii lurbB uu♥ Jul 1, 2010' 11:58 PM

the story abt A silly giirL:

she aint smart, she nort pretty + she nort even funny

but she REALLY try her hardest for HIIM ..

she trying her BEST to move on , but she jus CANT.. EVERYTING abt hiim is always popping up..

when ever some one say hiis name .. she alway dread iit .. as SHE really misses HIIM~~! ANd SHE oso wud be  the 1st one to LOOK up ..

she didnt know at 1st tat he wud make her feel tish way ...

she hads alway been finding a chance to HUG hiim .. and iif she got iit she would neber LET hiim go ...

she alway would use her smile to cover her tears...

when she tots she over hiim ... other wud always mention hiim ...

tat make her remeber hiim and miss hiim MORE  AND FALL IIN LOVE WITH HIM AGAIN~~!

Hiis given her so much memories , she cant and WONT erase~~!

he dunn even notice her at all .. nort like she anything special ...

she LOVE it when he looks at her even doh hiis Laughing at the same tiime..
COZ she know his thiinking of her even for a SECOND..

SHE dunn have to fake her smile any more.. 

Hiis the person she LOOK for every day ... As he brighten up her days ...

the only time he make her LAUGH  is when hiis making a fool of himself...

she love being hiis FREN yet she oso want MORE ~~!

LOVE for her ended until he came~~

but SHe BEEN Tru enough ... SHES tired of chasing as it JUS A WASTE OF TIME~~

TAKen the pain with HER ... she jus hoping tat one day ~~

HE could jus see tat  whats been there was alway there ALL ALONG~~!

Trying to stop loving hiim is LIKE trying to stop eating chocolates..


she woud do anything jus to see uu hear uu jus to be with you...

iit started with a laugh and she wants to end iit with being tgt...

when ppl says LOVE HURTS...

They nort LYING~~!

Hiis the only person tat make her feel like  herself~~!


BUT...  some time she wonders ... how her life would be if he hadnt step into it ~~!


it the 1st time she been so BOLD to say "I LOVE YOU"  and saying iit whole heartly~!!

iin WERE iin a FAIRY TALE we wud be living happily ever afta ...

but ~!



happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

Th' Ladyhappyy-stop

RaspBerries HeaVen♥
Name:舞伊 ♥
Birthday:八月九日♥ 私我大好きあなた♥.



LET hiim be MINE

To go out wiit HIIM

ii WANT hiim

More cLothing

More Shoes/BooTs

Potatoe PeeLer

Guy hands to Arm must have visible vein.

WiiT Long U Shape CleaN NaiLs

Guys wiiT Long Fingers

Guys Wiit ShoulDer Length Haiir

Guys LiiKe Ueda~ Sama


Th`biig THANKShappyy-stop

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