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ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 30, 2009' 9:00 PM

OMG~~! TYLC (:
my Dad BOOUGHT a car todayy .. iit chevrolet.

brand and price and stuff uu cann see iit iin picture below:

Cant waiit tuu ride iin iit (:

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ ' 8:10 PM

hey hey# yesterdayy made Jap curry&Squid for diinner. kekes
here 2 piic of iit ^.^

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 26, 2009' 12:12 AM

Here are the missiing pics(:

Hope uu Liike THem (:

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 24, 2009' 1:17 AM

when onliine tuu get myy tarot readiing (:


care tuu read iit?


happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 23, 2009' 9:12 PM

heyy heyy~~! t0dayy when tuu skuu by taxi.. as ii felt tat ii will be late. and eventually ii reach skyy at 8:15am . But iit was a lame day.. as 15min then can go hme alreadyy.. we hadd photo taking todayy... iit for class graduatiing tiingy..~~! then afta tat we waited for for our wen wen yii .. then we went tuu JP tuu catch a moviie. iit 17 agaiin the show iis nort tuu bad .. iit hilarious and has alot of scene tat makes uu wanna sayy ohhmygod out.. hahas. afta movie we walk around jp awhile and see hp... ii`m still tiinkiing whether do ii still wanna buy nokia E66.
then we were tiired so we when tuu Mos tuu eat.. tok tok and TAKE PIIC~~! Woo(:
then piic ii will up load 3 fiirst as ii onlii manage tuu edit 3 pic.

So here they are:

NanHua bus Stop

@ Mos

tat all for now.


P.S. Photo WiLL be ADDED shortly/ASAP.
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 22, 2009' 6:15 PM

heyyheyy~~! Todayy ii wunn be tokiing abt myiie daiily liife.. but a dream ii just had.. Roar~~ ii shud be aslpp lorr... but parent were toking tuu loudly.. then tryy slppiing bck cant >.<"anyy tiish iis how iit goes... 'he came bck wiit myiie brother.. [Quote: wth iis he doiing wiit myyiie brother iin real lyf they dunn know each other] and play online games,but ii couldnt see wart they were playiing .. ii was shocked tat he was iin myiie house ... goshh then ii kiip walkiing pass myyie brother`s room tuu jus look at hiim.. tuu nort let hiim suspect ii when tuu the living room tuu watch tvee.. ii couldnt really rmb wart show iis iit but ii am sure ii`ve watch iit b4 but anyywayy ii saw myyiie mum working text book for her class de kindergarden student , and he came out ... and siit on the dinning table..<- omg another shockiing tiing. ii when tuu busyy body pretending tuu ask wart myyie mum was doiing .. tiish and tat blah blah... then myyie dad came home... and sayy "Who iis tiish ?" and myy mum reply myy dad ... and they started toking ii cant rmb wart they sayiing about .... ohh yea ii was siitiing on the head of the chair myy mum sayy siiting .. then but sum tiing ii heard made miie laugh... myy mum told myy dad, he was cute and goody~~! better then miie and brother...[Quote:iin chinese iis :他可爱和很乖比你和你哥哥差太多] then ii laugh so hard ii feel off the chaiir ... as ii fall on tuu the floor ..II SAW HIIM LOOKING AT MIIE laughiing.. diiao.. but at least he diid respond...

ii know iit abit dramatic but iit the onlii wayy ii know how tuu express iit out..

P.S. omg iit so unbelievable.

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 17, 2009' 8:14 PM

hey hey~~! ii`ll be bLogging earlyy as ii have nth tuu do. as ii still cant watch k.0.3an guo. as iit onlyy be uploaded at 1.3oam. so siian.
tiish wk epii iis abt yun. as he lost hiis power etc. ii forgort how tuu sayy iit. and ... ohhmygod. xiu gort hiis guitar !! YAY YAY~~ now he niid tuu safe yun by playiing hiis guitar. ii wunder who brought xiu guitar tuu hiim. ii hope iit dong cheng wei or zhong ji yi ban de frends kekes. cant waiit too watch iit. anyy wayy i`l.l stop here now.

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 16, 2009' 9:21 PM

ReaLiTy iis a BITCH
ohh whyy cant they aLL jus See Iit
iiT iis Jus So TWISTED
i`ll GET the HELL out of here
who say we must FOLLOW
WELL i am nort uur PUPPET

HEY ii am nort uur BUTTON
ii WARN uu nort tu PUSH me
DUNN uu dare ON & OFF me
GET tiish straight uu .. ii`m nort a SWITCH to uu too...

KILL miie whyy wont uu
does it make anyy DIFFERENCE
do iit i TELL uu
iit Jus a STAB through the HEART
or even a SLIT through the THROAT

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 15, 2009' 12:21 AM

hey hey ~~! i`ll be liike bl0gging abt yesterday[mon].. afta skuu was liike abt 11:40am so ii and faric decided tuu go tuu CWP tuu eat SG .. but .. THEY DUNN HABB FIISHHUU YESTERDAY ROAR~~! wasted .. but nvm ii hadd my prawnyy~~! so dunn miind dunn miind , next tiime try agaiin~~! here the neckLace ii g0rt from... (:

Kawaii Right~~!

moving on , yesterday[tue] we didnt had lesson at all >.<" tuupiid lorr.. and we go skuu .. no one tell us tat lesso was canceled. Crap. but anyy wayy .. when hme was abt 12:30pm. in the train goiing hme, myiie eye was very heavyy. so when reach hme when tuu habb a Neko nappy. kekes. b4 piing come tuu myiie house. we were making onigiri/ japanese riceball. very niice . later in the afta when ii come hme then ii take picture. and put on blog. kekes.

anywayy i`ll stop here for now. wann go slpp lerr.

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 13, 2009' 9:34 PM

Kombanwa~~♥ im bLoggin abt yesterday or rather tiish morning .. as ii diid a tuupid ting. ii when tuu download window vista .. and iit suck.. lots of tiing were missing and when ii tried tuu get win XP cannort... ROAR~~! then todayy ii when tuu tok tuu myy brother about iit.. and sumtiing he say let miie tiink of sumting.. so now ii gort bck myy BeLOED WIn XP ^.^ DAMN HAPPY abt iit.. YAY ~~!

ANd Kamii~ Sama !! ii`ve learned myy Lesson (:

Moving on , today .. skuu officially start, and myy new teacher tat replce siir eric iis SIIR JIIM~! hiis Funny and FUSSY~~! kekes(:
gave us some senarios.iin a restuarant. etc... very fussy.. kekes

anyy wayy i`ll stop here now.

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 11, 2009' 6:14 PM

heyy heyy~~♥ today woke up at around 1:3oam. when tuu amk suppose tuu eat western food at dad fren shop. but iit wasnt open. so when tuu chomp chomp and eat .. ohmygods~~! ii ate 2 plate of bbq sting ray .. kekes♥ iit was so niice .. and iit FISHHUU(: afta tat ii saw tiish shop called FORLICK~~♥ iit a yougurt / ice cream shop. ii ate orginal yougurt wit strawberries.

here sum photo of iit:

anyy wayy tat abt all~~!(:

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ ' 3:48 AM

heyy heyy~~♫ todayy spent the whole day editing myiie bLog .. kekes(: afta tat .. when tuu slpp around 8 kekes..as myiie eye was ache-iing. so let eye and brain rest. woke up 12am, watched abiit of tvee.. then some tiing tell miie tuu watch ben 10. dunno whyy oso >.BURT still.. ii SO cant waiit for next saT morning, cant waiit tuu watch iit. and ii wonder when then the dvd boxset will be selling.. ii so wanna buy iit ~~!

any wayy .. i`ll stop here for now.


P.S. ii cant waiit for kami no shizuku&RESCUE tuu be out oso.
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 9, 2009' 8:31 PM

ellos ellos ~~♫ habb nort been blogging AGAIIN~~♫ nth tuu type larr(: but anyywayy yesterday when tuu skuu as ii gort a last min notice sayiing siir jiim want tuu see 11
of us. well iit abt attchement iin july 2oo9. then 8 of us niid tuu go for interview today,3pm at grand copthorne waterfront hotel. we were divided into 2 grp 5/6 .. my interviewer iis a sous chef ii tiink.. dunno hiis name. lols(: so he ask miie sum qus... then iit done.

kekes i`ll stop now.

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 7, 2009' 6:01 PM

thiis viideo iis a MUST watch...

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 4, 2009' 5:31 PM

AHHHHHH~~~! faster faster!! nexty friday niight .. nono sat Morning 1am. ii want tuu watch the show 终极三国 epi o7. Cos Xiu will be iin action lerr.. ROAR~~ finally afta so many episode, ii t0t Xiu is liike 曹操。kekes... cant waiit tuu watch iit.. ii will stay tune tuu watch iit..

Vuu Vee...

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 3, 2009' 9:38 PM

heyy heyy~~♥ did nort bLog for quite a long tiime agaiin .. anyy wayy will be blogging agaiin... cant rmb when ii when out wiit ppiing, le chuan, aslam[ piing and lechuan cm]. when tuu woodland, walk walk then when tuu Mos tu habb dinner , ii and piing ate Mos cheezehanbagu. then when home.
few days later when out wiit piing and dayyah.. ate Kfc for lunch.. then when tuu CsW tuu watch a moviie.. we watched Confession of a Shopaholic. iit a niice show.[ Giirl iin Green Scarf] niice moviie.

siince then has been blocking reality from coming iin. (:

so anyy wayy ... will tryy tuu bLog more when skuu open~~!

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 1, 2009' 8:17 PM

Happy Home Baking: A Fresh Start
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

Th' Ladyhappyy-stop

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