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ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 22, 2010' 9:31 PM

i`m bck working again (:
today 1st tiime SEe the new kitchen fuLL TimEr (: hiis CALLED ToMMii(: 20 ii GuEsS .. hiis abiit liike KeNnY and AhhTaTt.. the Fuuu.. uu KnoW (: but hiis nicer too talk to .. ii GuEsS ..

well afta tat when FHA the HOME SWEET HOME(:

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 20, 2010' 8:18 PM

ii cant waiit to go bck to work ~~! ii WaNna See the new PerSon (:
HearD tat hiis CUTeEE (:


 anyy wayy today go see doc ... he say tat my archelus[ankle] kinda snap or infection .. no CURE ): *SHOCKED*  so he ask miie to nort walk and stand alot ... i`m liike so fucking DWN lorr... ii iin kitchen niid to stand for long hours nehh ... so he say : he`ll prescrib a cream for miie... sumtiing liike painkiller.. haiis... whyy so suay.. now ii cant so vigorous movement liike dancing. ii still have MASTER my shuffle ): ii guess i`ll have to stop..or maybe push my self a lil more?

but anyway ... ii tiink iit be alright ...

i`ll stop here for nw .. will cont. later? or maybe nort ...


happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 19, 2010' 1:14 PM

Ohh, faa ii MISSSSSSSED uu SOOOOO~~! Have uu come back from uur rom-italy? HOW WAS IIT? fun? ii bet iit WAS (: ii cant waiit to catch uu up iin MSN.. and ii niid DETAILS abt iit (:

P.S. 我18岁 他26岁。。 我们能相爱吗?
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 15, 2010' 12:02 AM

SORRY FAA ~~! ii g2 do iit ....  ii CANT HOLD OUT ANY MORE ~~!
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 14, 2010' 9:00 PM

ohh faa.. ii feel liike goiing bck to my cutter ways... ive stop for quite a long tiime lerr ... but still... ii hope to have a person liike guy(: but guy is onlyy iin story books.. he cant be real .. ii really niid peace ... ii really niid to stop all those noisy of desire running tru my miind\brain\heart or wateva ... really niid iit to stop... iit overwhelm miie liike the wave eat up a boat.  ii can neber ever go bck to tat old same world... now iit jus a new messed up world (:

Maisy Tan Mei Shi was DEAD YRS AGO. 2003. X|
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 11, 2010' 10:20 PM

yoyoyo... ahhh today iis the third day at PENANG ~~! asx the past 2 dayy my rm lols... dunn have the internet cable ... now i`m iin my aunts rm ... using iit AHAHAHAHAHS... so hype up laa... welll ok laa .. come here pretty boring nort as interesting as last 2 yrs... now all ii do here iis SLEEP ... ii slpp iin the car.. ii slpp iin the hotel .. aiiyarr ... ii slpp mostly every tiime ... iif ii gort the CHANCE  tat iis (: welll kinda slpp all the tiime becos ii wanna stop thinkinglols... any wayy .. tmr iis a SHOPPING day again (: ii wanna buy lot and lots of thiing (: wahahahas... aiiyarr .. drat.. ii dunno wartg to sayy lerr so i`m gonna go now ~~!

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 7, 2010' 11:53 PM

ii tot todayy every thiing wud be fiine ... but ii guess NOT.. Right NOW i`m FEELING SUPER hurt and FUCKING disappointed..  to condemn miie when ii was SERIOUSLY nort playing at all ..i`m so so so HURT ... please .. ii dunn miind  N and Z to joke with miie ... iim so TOTALLY fiine wiith iit ... but , wart shock mie the most is uu saying tat i`m playing ...  when iim am so not laa... ii jus came bck from behind .. the N came and grab my waiist. ii oso dunn mean to scream/shout behind uu wart.. iit jus reflexes .. ii oso cant control iit de mahh.. but uu say ... dunn play cn ... ... >.<“算了。dunn wanna tok abt iit lerr ...

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 5, 2010' 11:44 PM

ii guess.. ii already know the ans from the begining of time(: jus tat ii diidnt want to accept iit .. and kept deceiving myself.. and now he finally told hiim .. tat ii cudnt be the one .. or fit to be .. or maybe iim jus reading iit to far .. but either way  iit still the same... ii cudnt make iit ...

and maybe they are reading too much too .. ii dunn really want hiim to be MINE. ii jus wanna know does he like miie(: tat all .. ii dunn niid hiim to be my stead. evendoh iit be niice (:  ii dunn wann hiim to make miie as hiis gf also .  but since tat how he tell hiim  then i`ll jus accept the fact now.. ii guess .. iit time to wake up from one of my lil world...

liike ii sayy .. ii dunn wann anyy stead .. ii jus wann a person to be very very close wiith ...

but ii guess ... tat onlyy iin storyy books ii guess(:

maybe i`ll really got to find a boyfriend (:


happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ ' 1:06 AM

longing for sum1 ii cud jus cuddling wit, have afternoon nap tgt, holding hand tightly ~~! jus being tgt for a whole day ... going out for a movie .. staying up all night chatting ...   having his hands on/around my hip while slpping ...
hoping tuu feel hiis warmth on my chest why i`m being embrace by hiim... he kissing miie on the couch during a mega movie night...

he said .. whyy dunn ii change sum tiing abt miie too make hiim have a good impression .. *shocked* but the  other arent like tat ...  and ii diid make my move already ... okok maybe nort iin person but at least  ii diid ... but in the end iit didnt turn out the way.. so ii stop doing thing and jus wait... ii guess maybe when the day come and ii have gather enuff courage again .. i`ll pass iit to hiim ... or i`ll try (: maybe i`ll include stuff ii alway wanted to say (:

but anyy wayy .. right now iis fine ii guess... bbut when alone w/o iit start all over again...

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 4, 2010' 12:40 AM

ii alway hate iit when ppl read tru miie ... especially ya-san.. he so so read tru miie... always..

anyy wayy .. ii guess iit alway get the better off miie.. dunno whyy .. but .. still wart ii tell my brain/mind. but i doesnt obey miie...

true . ii do and still liike hiim ..  and like ii say b4 .. hiis the onlyy one ii feel b4.. the rest in the past feel so different ...

ii never knew ... tish wud happen ...  ii dunn liike tish me.. ii dunn liike every ting abt miie..

ii guess wart she say iis true abt miie ... ii getting so thin ..no appetite...  is the sumting wrong with uu ?? ii guess there really sumting wrong wiit miie .. DEPRESSION from the past iis coming bck ...

ii guess ii really really dunn belong around here ...
happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Apr 3, 2010' 1:22 AM

ahh.. ii hate mixs feeling .. iim having so many feeling inside miie .. ii dunno how to sort iit out ...

1. pissed off
2. missing
3. wanting
4. sad
5. want to get notice
6. fucked up
7. pain
8. desire for more

am ii really jus a kid in uur eyes?

am i jus a girl?

or  becos i  am jus nobody ?

can sum1 be miie for a day ?

ii really nid to leave every thing behind for a day ~~!

ii neber ever pray b4 ..

so today ii will start .

dear lord, ii so so love hiim ..  but i dunn wanna love hiim anymore!
ii dunn wann to hurt anymore.. please help mie forget~~! please , help mie let him go ..
Amen ..

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

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