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ii lurbB uu♥ Jul 25, 2009' 10:53 PM

ii Beliieve 

Some of uu know wart happen tuu my wrist :( ... but ii jus cant help iit.. iit
the onlii tiing tat make miie feel better... ii`m nort liike alina ..
a giirl who cry out :( but iit jus ii cant...
ii really dunn wanna be a burden for kenny and ahh tatt.. BRUCE(:
ESPECIALLY for kenny ... ii really liike kenny tuu teach miie (:
but ii tiink ii too tuupid lerr ... too dumb ... sum how ii feel
liike breaking down ... cry as much as ii can .. but iit nort my type ... then platiing
...haiis ... sumtiing ii tiink ii jus making a bigger mess for hiim :(
sum tiime eye is watery but ii hold back myy TEARS...

haiis .. dunn really wann tuu sayy lerr...

P.S. : hiis name iis Ethan .. and hiis SCARY(:
ii`m ADDICTED tuu the SOUP SPOON`s Velvety Mushroom~~!


happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Jul 12, 2009' 11:08 PM

ii Love/Liike Them(:

hahahs... ii have been working at MAMAISON for a week now (: but for 1 week ... the person ii seen the most iis KENNNNNNNNNNNYYYYY(: hee hees(: well here are all the kitchen Staff ppL

4.Ah Tatt
6. peter

1. Kennyyy(:

weLL hmm.. ii dunno iif he singaporean nort... hiis chiinese iis dunno iis chiina Qiiang or malaysiia Qiiang the HORR~~! hiis engliish ii feel liike ... iis singlish then iis SG english.. then he alway tell miie tuu faster ... [ iit true ... ii must faster, but ii reaally trying tuu FASTER le...] then ii oso very forgetfully.. then Kenny alwayy back miie UP ): HONTOU NE GOMENASAI to ARIGATOU NE (:

2. Bruce

hahas... tiish guy ... very funny.. dunno whyy ... but hiis the best. he become my brother(: hiis filipino. and is getting married soon.. Omedetou.. gozaimasu~~! and Hiis a RABBIT(: well he Help miie al0t.. wun be seeing hiim tmr ...):

3. Jason

hahas... jason shushu tat wart kenny ask miie tuu call hiim (: ii know hiim today onlii.. once he came he keep singing chinese song. especially " dang ni " by cyndi wang. whistling iit oso. but hiis a weiird person (:

4. Ahh Tatt

hmm... tiish guyy very very very FUNNY(: see hiim will laughs... then very fun tuu stare at hiim (:hahas .. ii dunn really know wart tuu say abt hiim as yesterdat is the 2nd tiime seeing hiim. hmm.. will update more abt them.

5. Ethan

hmm... ii tiink tat hiis name... hiis a very tall guy ... hmm.. ii dunn really know wart hiis liike. as ii feel tat hiis a scaryy person.. dunno whyy nehh... and he has a very low voice. maybe iit becos of tiish. well ii dunno... ii scared of hiim jiu dua le.

6. Peter

peter is a senior. elderst there. hmm... hiis a very friendly guy.. (: iit gud tuu have hiim around (: hmm... he tell miie stuff abt the dishes.(: hmm. will update more abt iit.(:

today gort weiird ppl sms mie but ii dunno who he iis ... haiis, he say ppl call hundsom . dunno iis handsome or hudson. hmm... tmr ii will go fiind out..

i`ll stop here for now barr...(:



5. Ethan
hmm.. quite true.. hiis actually nort tat bad(: there sumtiing ii notice ethan love tuu be clean etc... ii mean .. when no operation and less stuff tuu do he will clean the stove and window and WASH FLOOR(:
he will do plating for miie cos ii too slow lerr ):

will continue again(:

happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

ii lurbB uu♥ Jul 2, 2009' 3:25 PM

ii StiLL wann too g0 skuu ... ii dunn wann too WORK~~! tiish iis too fast... ii dunn wann tuu go up tat FAST...

Atashii wa Hato ne Dokiidokii Tottemo Haiyaa... kowaii ne ...demo ne .. ..

kuru shii mo na..


happyy-stop ii WaNT uu

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